Ten Mandatory Features That Every Gun Safe Must Have

If purchasing and owning a firearm was considered to be a status symbol, a few decades ago, today it has proved a mandatory safety requirement of every home. The crime rates have not only soared, but also diversified in the past few decades. Today we have bigger crimes to battle and hence, we need better firearms and better safes to keep our lifesaver machines safe!

If you think that buying a gun is all that you need to do to assert safety within the four walled compound of your home, then you’re gravely wrong. The truth is that, an unprotected gun is as dangerous as having a killer roam around your home. If you own a gun, it is necessary to have a gun safe that either conceals the firearm, or keeps it off the trespasser limits.

In this case, stopping unauthorized access is not the only requirement, but an efficient gun safe should also provide immediate access for the owner when in need, as well. As gun safes are usually bought for keeping valuables apart from guns such as money, gems, jewelry and important papers, it is pivotal to choose an efficient and reliable safe.

Our ten features to keep in mind while purchasing a gun safe

  • Is Your Gun Safe Fire Proof?

Having an appliance that is fire-resistant always keeps us assured. For a gun safe that safeguards the valuables of your family, shouldn’t a fire resistance be mandatory? Apart from burglars or any such external harm, the prominent danger that a gun safe should guarantee its contents from is natural disasters like that of wild fires and floods.

Even if you do not reside in an area prone to wildfires, there are many chances that accidental fires can even ashen an entire building via leaky gas cylinder or malfunctioning appliances. Hence, if you choose a fire-resistant safe, your valuables will be safe, even after the fire!

  • Does Your Gun Safe Have A Locking System?

If your family is not aware of the fact that there is a firearm in the house, you must take enough care to buy a concealing gun safe with a locking system. Even if there are no trespassers to the gun in your house, having a gun safe with a locking system, keeps it off access to everyone except the user.


The modern locking systems that come with the gun safe are inbuilt with fingerprint scanning as well as digital vaulting that double seals the safe. Digital locks are also quick to open assuring tenfold security while dial locks are slow, but reliable.

  • What Type Of Gun Safe Do You Have?

There are varieties of gun safes to choose amongst biometric, wooden and customized vaults. Erstwhile safes open only when provided with the stored fingerprints entered simultaneously with the secret access code. In short, if you’re under attack, all that you need is a swirl of your hand to be uber-safe, when you get a biometric or likewise multi-functional gun safe.feature

  • How Many Locking Bolts Does Your Gun Safe Have?

Locking bolts in a gun safe double its anti-pry feature. If you choose a gun safe with minimum locking bolts, unbolting will be effortless for the trespasser as well as anyone prying. Albeit, the truth is, the more the number of locking bolts that you use, the efficiency of keeping your gun safe off the limits of trespassers will be easier.

  • Does Your Gun Safe Have A De-Humidifier?

Anyone who possesses a gun safe respects and loves the firearm. However, if you leave that be, there are potential risks that your expensive gun safe and the tenfold precious gun will soon begin rusting due to caged humidity in the vault!

You can choose from varieties of dehumidifiers, that are electrical or in crystals that are desiccant.

  • Does Your Gun Safe Have A Light On It?

Having a tiny light in your gun safe that switches on when opened or manually, will help you spot your gun fast and easy, when in need.

  • Does Your Gun Safe Have An Alarm On It For Meddlers?

Keeping your gun safe, secure is penultimate when you own a gun. To avoid trespassers from fidgeting around your vault, you can also fit an alarm on it. Alarms can notify you with immediate sounds as well as text and messages, provided you’re away and there is an intruder.

  • Is Your Gun Safe Organized?

Cabinets and shelves keeps the valuable content of your gun safe organized as well as safe. Some people even build compartments or safe vaults within the gun safe for double security of the valuables.

  • How Strong Is Your Gun Safe?

For something that protects the life of you as well as your entire family, you need a heavy duty gun safe. As most gun safes are made from pry-resistant steel, finding one that does not shatter upon an intruder’s attack is necessary too.

  • Is Your Gun Safe Big Enough Or Too Small To Suit You?


The one and only comfort feature of choosing a gun safe is to choose one based on the size that you need. As gun safes are uber safe, people often start with their guns and gradually start storing all their valuables inside the same safe. Hence, if you have a lot of valuables to store, make sure to buy a gun safe that is big or vice-versa.

There are many specific features like water resistance, paint of the safe, maintenance and guarantees applicable on the gun safe to filter the right one for you, when choosing a gun safe for your firearm.  Make sure to research all that you can to buy a cost-efficient and perfect gun safe!

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