Ten Brilliant Ways To Hide Your Gun Safe

Gun Safes have evolved from offering simple protection to ingenious ways to conceal the firearm from the public eye, while keeping it within the private eye range. Therefore, it should be kept away from people’s sights but be convenient for you in case a burglar strikes, since there is barely any warning before your family’s or your life is put at stake. Keep your gun safe so that it can keep you alive and safe.

In order to be a step ahead  and be able to protect your family against the mishaps of a burglary, one must keep the gun in a top-secret place. A secret slot custom-made in your nightstand or office desk is a clever design to keep the gun ready within your arm’s reach as well as saving it from view of the burglar’s eye.

How to Hide Your Gun Safe

The first step to choosing the right gun safe is to understand that, gun safes come in all sizes. So, the sky is the limit when choosing the right one. When your life is at stake, you cannot afford to bargain whether it was the fault of your safe or its placement. Therefore put sufficient thought into the matter.

Our top ten picks on the badass gun safes to keep your life and weapon uber-safe are:

1. Biolock Biometric Gun Safe

  • For folks who need immediately (immediate) access to their sleek handguns, yet, want it kept well out of the public eye, the ideal option is the BioLock biometric gun safe. The gadget responds to biometric features like finger prints saved on the machine. It also has a backup alternative if all the scanner
  • The BioLock is programmed to save amaximum of six fingerprints, which can also be used by the same user to increase the reliability of the machine with different fingers. As the safe is coated with heavy duty resistant finish, average wear ‘n’ tear is drastically deduced.

2. Gun Safe in The Steps of your Sedan/SUV/RV

  • Customized to fit into the slots of your truck/ sedan/ SUV/ RV steps, Truck Step Gun Safe is unique for its mobile feature. Carefully craftedslots are made into slide-outs or steps of the vehicle and the guns are safely sealed off from the interiors of the house and family, yet accessible to you whenever in need.

3. Gun Safely Hidden in Stairs

  • Steps/ stairs are a huge waste of space. If you construct slots orvaults under the stairway, you can keep your gun ultra safe and the house maintenance regular too. The guns can be hidden in a drawer safe in your stairs without the family or the burglar  This is also one of the efficient ways to keep a gun secure and safe from your kids and trespassers.

4. Gun Safe Hidden in the Coffee Table

  • Akin to the hefty Victorian coffee tables, a gun safe enabled coffee table can have asecret drawer that contours to the body of the gun to keep it well disguised. As the coffee table is in plain sight, not only will the burglar miss it, you will have no hassles with kids snooping around or family stumbling onto the gun.

5. Biometric SpeedVault Safe for Guns

  • This revolutionary design is ingenious in its craft as the biometric scanner holds up to120 fingerprints, has a variety of mounting options, a backup override key and a sturdy 18 gauge Steel build.
  • The gun safe also has a protective foam liner, audio low battery andinterior courtesy light. The gun safe permits the user to save diverse records of each finger for a reliable, effective and effortless response even in frantic emergencies.

6. Gun Hidden on your Refrigerator

  • Another deliberately ignored and hence, safe an area to hide your gun is inside anabandoned fridge. Make a slot in your old fridge with a sturdy safe and set the gun safe up. This will keep the guns always within your reach, yet out of reach of trespassers


7. Gun Hidden in the Mattress Where you Sleep

  • This requires patience to create a successful gun safe. Often a speck of doubt is enough to betray you in front of a burglar and pinpoint your gun safe. Carefully open your mattress and keep the gun inside in such an anglethat it is reachable with one thrust of your hand, but concealed enough to be out of reach of everyone else’s.

8. Sleep Safe With your Gun and its Safe underneath You

  • Not such a great idea for the rush hour, yet keeping the gun under your mattress or head pillow has been the tradition since ages. It boosts one’s confidence and helps keep them calm. To install a gun safe inside your bed, make asouped-up box spring in your bed and cover it with the mattress to seal it away safe.

9. Sleuth Gun Safe on your Couch

  • To keep your couch bulletproof, make asleek spacey compartment under the upholstery of your couch to make a gun safe. This always keeps the gun within your reach and out of the burglar’s reach during emergencies. Make sure to childproof your couch gun safe.

10. Gun Secretly Hidden in your Car Seat

  • Another mobile gun safe, having a gun safe in your car seat is a brilliant idea. It always keeps you protected even on the go. If you are not the only person who uses or cleans the car, then make sure your gun safe is well concealed at all times. An added benefit is that wherever you ride to, you will always be safe with a gun safe in your car seat.

Always make sure the drawers you design for your guns are safe from moisture and corrosive additives. Periodically ensure that your guns are safe.

From uniquely handcrafted to professionally designed gun safes, there is a wide variety of gun safes currently for the firearms owners to choose from. There is a growing trend for gun owners pitching in for customized gun safes with respect to their design. To keep your family away from the gun, keep the gun in a place that is tenfold safer.

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