Simple Ways To Choose The Perfect Ammo For You

Choosing a gun for your personal protection as well as that of your family is not an easy choice. The parameters like the caliber and the model of the handgun are important to its efficacy.

What you require is a convenient and comfortable gun that can be shot with confidence and carried with trust. Technically, it should be in an ironclad chamber within the caliber to make sizeable recoil to stop any intruder in his or her tracks. Amateur shooters usually waste time selecting a gun based on convenience. However, the biggest factor to consider is the ammo that you choose for your gun.

The stopping power of a bullet is contained in its manufacturing. The best examples are lead bullets that expand fast as it is one of the softest metals. Owing to the same, lead bullets are not the ideal ammo as they do not stop the attacker very well, proving  to be for the birds.

Yet another option to consider is the complete metal bullet, termed as FMJ. Built with a core made from lead, these bullets are encircled in copper as the latter is harder and efficient for penetration. Since copper does not expand as much as lead, damage and shock is null when compared to other bullets.

Ideally at the point it is used for self-defense, over-penetration can cost the life of the attacker, which is not the aim anyhow.  Today there are varieties of ammo that blend medium penetration with jacketed copper in an expanding bullet made of lead.

The most efficient bullet design is the jacket type called  hollow point that is popularly known as JHP. This bullet has a lead core which also extrapolates to transfer energy alongside the copper jacket to control the expansion necessary to create deep penetration. In fact, the leading side-nose portion of the bullet is made of a hollow tip that expands upon impact. It is slowed down by the copper besides keeping the penetration as well as energy balanced.

This works only until the jacket along with the core separates, after which the expansion as well as the penetration suffers. The solution to this is the current usage of electrochemical bonding to lock the jacket onto the bullet’s core. The process welds the core to the jacket while mechanical bonding furthermore locks the bullet jacket with the core at the time of the initial assembly via cannelure or knurl.

What Ammo Suits You?

Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection

  • These are provided by Speer, renowned for being the founder of bonded core type bullets. Additionally, the brand is also reputed for its hallmark Uni-Cor bonding, which seals the jacket with the alloy in the lead core to remove any incremental chances of jacket and lead separation.
  • Hollow Point Design- made to operate through two stages- First to Control the Expansion and Second to Measure the Expansion rate. The duo phase design answers the imbalances and rectifies the flaws to provide a stable penetration and expansion.
  • In addition, using nickel-plated covers or the soft bullet profiles also keep the feeding stable in the gun.
  • Today, for Personal Protection, the ammo is available for varied calibers inclusive of the trendy-.40 S&W, .380 Auto, .38 Special, and 9mm Luger.

Federal Premium Personal Defense HST

With Premium Personal Defense HST ammo, mechanically bonded bullets entered the market. The jacket peels back upon impact, while the nose cavity penetrates the barriers with stable expansion. As HST bullets have heavy clothing, which also refers to restricted as well as slow expansion to obtain a deeper penetration.

American Eagle Jacketed Soft Point

American Eagle’s Jacketed Soft Point ammo is reputed for its energy shedding feature, which also provides deep penetration as well as lesser costs when compared to other trending defensive ammos. It is a budget-friendly alternative to use for the purpose of self-defense, especially if you compare it to soft lead and FMJ bullets. American Eagle ammo is made to function without hassles.

Akin to the JHP bullets, the ammo is also available in the varied self-defense calibers like a .327 Federal Magnum gun.

Federal Premium Guard Dog Ammunition

  • The innovative design of the Guard Dog provides for the expansion of the ammo. Offered in an exclusive market, the rear half of the bullet is made of polymer in a metal jacket. The uniqueness is in the impact as the bullet expands, but also penetrates with heavier shock and wound.
  • The bullet is made to penetrate plywood, drywall and clog the hollow point bullets without letting them extrapolate. Guard Dog diminishes the collateral damage while maximizing penetration.

Speer Personal Protection Short Barrel

  • Akin to the standards of self-defense ammo, Speer Personal Protection Short Barrel uses a nickel casing and speer ammo with 2-phase manufacturing for handguns that have a short barrel.
  • With defensive loads at 4 or 5 inches, they are the kaleidoscopic option of defensive firearms. With a barrel shorter than 3” in length, lower muzzle velocity is observed.  Manufactured for comfy handguns that utilize exclusive propellants, these are also lightweight to carry and compact to conceal.


Federal Premium Personal Defense Low Recoil

To define the defensive load with light recoil in brief is to say that it is efficient for practice and Federal Premium is ideal for the same.

Lightweight ammo when shot at a high velocity will have less recoil while providing high stopping power in dangerous circumstances. The low recoil feature of the ammo owes this effect to Hydr-Shok bullets. Structured as jacketed hollow points, they have been in existence from 1988 with a credible reputation especially with military personnel and law enforcement veterans.

If you’re a humanitarian firearm user who looks for maximum protection with minim collateral damage this is the perfect ammo for you!

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