Simple Hacks To Keep Your Gun Super Safe

Only the owner knows the pain of a damaged firearm. If you are a proud owner of your firearm that keeps you and your family safe, you must also take sufficient precautions to keep it off the reach of trespassers too. Often, guns are prone to damages due to the improper gun safety measures enforced.

What should you do to protect your guns?

Many parents with guns try to conceal the guns fearing accidental use by their children or a trespasser. In the process, mostly the gun can even be forgotten such that, when found it can be worthlessly rusted. There are several ingenious ways on the market currently for gun safety to prevent all of this.

Why? It is only because, gun owners are increasingly aware of the risks that an unprotected gun poses to the lives of their near and dear ones. In fact, make sure to teach your children proper gun safety when they are of proper age. Often it is cartoonish infatuations and fantasies about guns that make them fantastic in your kid’s minds. De-mystifying the guns is an essential step to take for every gun-owning parent.

Here are 6 Veteran hacks to keep your guns bulletproof safe.

1Invest in a Gun Safe

  • The best way to protect your guns is to invest in a quality gun safe. Quality gun safes are expensive because they have high-end features that require skill and cutting-edge genius to produce. Often firearm owners complain about the gun safe, its vulnerability and they refuse the powerful security for their firearms.
  • If you are looking for an ideal gun safe to keep trouble away from your family and out of trespasser’s reach, all the while keeping them close when you are in dire need, then go for a biometric gun safe. These safes are designed with dual locks (Access code + Finger Print) and are one of the best foolproof gun safes presently on the market. Whichever model you buy, remember that your gun safe should ultimately protect the gun that protects your family’s life.

2. Install a Dehumidifier to prevent rusting

  • Have you tried finding the cause of your gun damage? If rust is the culprit, it is time that you realize that you are living in a humid area and need a de-humidifier. Install the de-humidifier inside the gun safe after checking the rate of humidity in it.
  • Ideally, ‘prevention is better than cure’ and hence, investing a small amount on a de-humidifier will keep your guns and health safe. Currently there are even different varieties of dehumidifiers designed specifically for gun safes. Remember to do your research before confirming any purchase.

3. Custom make your Gun safe

  • A disadvantage of readymade gun safes is that they do not often fit well with your plans of concealment. The best solution to your problem of keeping your gun safe hidden from family and friends is to make a custom gun safe. Design it yourself. Make a prototype and test it around your family.
  • Designing your own gun safe also lets you install various features like a dehumidifier space as well. If you design it after a lot of thought, you might find ways to make space for a bigger safe to keep all your other sensitive items too.

4. Insure Your Guns

  • Yet another assuring way to protect your guns is to insure them. The truth is, history has proven time and again that prevention is much better than cure. In fact, there are different packages for specific gun owners to choose from, with flexible gun insurance policies. If you do the math right, you will also infer that investing in a good gun insurance is all you need, even if you cannot follow any of the other steps.
  • Usually, the coverage for gun insurance varies, but you can always choose the best one that works for your preferences.

5. Layering Security

  • The experience of zillions of firearms owners teaches that to keep your gun safe from snoopy kids and shrewd burglars, you must increase the current layers of gun security. This is not a new age concept because any system with a single-level security system is breakable. In fact, a gun safe is only the primary layer of safety.
  • Start with keeping your house and the surrounding area under perpetual surveillance. Additionally, you can also opt for ways to keep your bedroom and gun safes super efficient with their locking system installing modern safe vaults.


6. Break-In-Time

  • This is a psychological evaluation based on the thief’s mindset. Every thief is always on the red alert expecting to be caught. Therefore, they do not expend more than one minute trying to open a lock. Furthermore, if you can delay this break-in time of the thief, it is likely you can delay the burglary altogether.

Apart from the above, some other ways to keep your gun safe are to keep it always in your periphery. If you hide the gun in a place that it takes hours for even you to locate, then when the gun is stolen it will be too late when you finally get the news.

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