How Teaching Gun Safety Is Mandatory In Today’s World

Whether you own a gun or not, guns are notoriously common in our daily lives. Consider the facts and statistics on guns such as gun- related deaths, teens and kids die due to unintentional or accidental acts. Teaching gun safety to your child is essential.

Ranging from handling a gun aptly for self-defense to alerting the adult at the sight of a gun found lying around, gun safety can arm your kids with much confidence. Check out our handpicked ten commandments to keep your child safe around guns forever:

  • Does your child know that Guns are Life-Savers?

Children usually have endless fantasies about guns, owing to the action-packed video games and movies today. This is not bad until your child has mystified the gun in his or her head. When you teach the first lesson of hunting to your kids, also teach that guns can protect them whenever needed. The core moral to begining gun safety classes for your child with, is- ‘guns have the power to save lives as well as to kill them’.

  • When to be in “Alert” Mode

The second step to gun safety is ‘Alert Mode’. Teach your child to be on full alert whenever they spot an unsecured gun around them. The protocol of alert mode is’ Alert the Adult’. Regardless of it being your little one or older ‘little’ one, guns and children, just do not mix naturally.

  • All Guns are Always loaded

This is very important in your kid’s life even through their youth and older ages- To treat the gun’s trigger with respect. You should start with teaching them how to treat all guns as if they are loaded even if they know they are not. Teach them to never use the gun with folly, thinking that it is empty, to point at a living thing or anything likewise. Fire only after confirming the target is an essential lesson that stays forever with a child, when taught properly.

  • Double, triple, quadruple check your gun safe

If you keep your gun at home, it is mandatory that you keep it in a secure gun safe that is concealed to trespassers. In fact, do some research on the various types of gun safes currently on the market and choose only when you are sure that it suits your home. Furthermore, check multiple times before leaving the periphery of your gun safe whenever kids are around.

  • Gunning in Reality Is in Another Universe than Gunning in Games

Video game guns are unreal and a real gun is nothing like video game guns. This step is part of the de-mystification of a gun. It teaches your child the positive functionalities as well as drastic consequences of using a gun. Teach them how ‘horrific’ in reality it is, to go gunning around every street that you pass through akin to GTA or so.

  • A Toy is a Toy and a Gun is a Gun

You must sit down and teach your child that a real gun does not work like his or her toy guns. Even if you decide to avoid buying gun toys for your child, one or mostly all of his or her friends will surely have a toy gun. Moreover, this peaks the curiosity in your child to rebel against your ideas. Teach them how real bullets do not come back once released and how grave it can be when fired at a living thing.

  • Distance With a Gun

The practical application of teaching gun safety to your kid is on how to maintain proper distance with a gun. When the child does not see adults when finding an unsecured gun, teach them to ‘Leave it Alone’ until an adult comes by. This will register the fundamental idea that an unsecured gun NEEDS adult handling, before them.

  • Educate, Educate and EDUCATE more about guns!

Collect gun safety tutorials for kids and sit down with your child to watch the clips together. Education about guns is necessary regardless of whether your child is curious about it or not. Knowledge is infinite, as it will help your child see the umpteen functionalities and consequences of gun use.

  • Give them a taste of shooting

If you are feeling brave, take your child out to a shooting range and teach them the complexities involved in shooting a gun safely.

  • Attention Mode

Ultimately, teach your child the golden rule: never to be ‘distracted while using a gun’. One should maintain pin-drop silence in the mind and absolute concentration without distractions such as texting, stress, bias or worries.


Your education of gun safety should start with removing the teenage or childhood mystification about the gun in your child’s mind. Additionally, make sure to keep your gun unloaded, secured and safe while remembering to keep the gun cleaning supplies double sealed, as they are dangerous and poisonous too.

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