Are You Getting the Best Gun Safe for your Money’s Worth? – Infographic


What gun safe suits you the best? What can a gun safe promise you?

Gun safes today are equipped with anti-prying to burglary ratings. In order to choose a gun safe that befits your home, family and interiors, you must understand the standard features first to look out in a gun safe. Gun safes today promise efficacy and accuracy of 100% concealments to ingenious heat-expansion in emergency tampering.

Here are the best ten things to consider when a buying a safe:

  1. What type of lock do you need?

Modern gun safes have one of three main varieties of locks, namely, biometric, electronic and mechanical. You should choose lock of your gun safe based on what specific advantages or damages you might reap from each. Biometric provides fast, flawless and accurate security of your gun safe.

  1. Fire rating and Gun Safe

  • Firstly, fireproofed gun safes are different from fire-rated ones. The former uses mediocre Sheetrock drywall for fire lining on the safe, which can tamper in the case of a real fire. However, the latter, undergoes heavy certifications and simulations by testing out the worst-consequences of a fire.
  • A fire rating tests constitutes temperature test, height test (to check if the safe can withstand a fall from 3rd storey apartment to the basement while in a fire and Explosion Hazard Check, which reports the threshold of the gun safe in a heating situation that is rapidly growing to build pressure on the walls of your gun safe. According to the above parameters, choose a gun safe that suits the height, temperature and fire safety of your home.
  1. How thick is the metal on the lock of your gun safe?

The ideal metal thickness of your gun safe should be dependent on the weapons you expect or find the local burglars using to break into the safe. Buying a thick gun safe with strong steel gauge with 11 gauges is better than most guns ranging from 12 to 7, on their gauges. Nevertheless, the lower the gauge is, the more ideal your gun safe is. For higher price tags, it is easy to find gun safes even with 3 thickness of the gauge.

  1. Size and Safety of Gun Safes

Bigger gun safes are certainly better, firstly because more firearm owners vouch so! Over the years, most firearm owners begin to keep more of their valuables or sensitive things in the ironclad gun safe. Furthermore, instead of investing on a small one that can saturate within a few years of use, purchase a bigger one, which can have many upgrades in the future too.

  1. Can it survive a Pry Attack?

The presence or absence of anti-pry tabs in a gun safe today can determine how efficiently your gun safe can protect the valuables from standard thefts. Pry bars are brackets that are installed alongside the pin-bars. As almost all gun safes are equipped with this feature of anti-pry bars, you should have no trouble finding it on the gun you wish to buy. All the same, make sure to double-check the presence of pry-bars before confirming the purchase.

  1. Quality of a Gun Safe Locking Bolt

The quality of the design of your locking bolts in the gun safe can determine the efficacy of the protection guaranteed to your gun. Ideally, a bolt with thicker size or one that is bigger in diameter has a higher capacity of preventing There are various products in the market today, but the locking bolt of a gun safe should be quintessentially strong in your choice of the gun safe.

  1. How secure is re-locking on your gun safe?

Commonly known as the relocking mechanism, most gun safes in the market today are equipped with these anti-tampering mechanisms. The simple function of relocking is that whenever the safe undergoes tampering, it is automatically set to relock the bolting inside your gun safe. The boltholes in a high quality gun safe are located at four places, namely in the corners, to prevent any prying.

  1. Door Hinges and Gun Safe

  • There are locking bolts in the door’s edge of an ideally strong gun safe. Hinges without bolts are inefficient for the protection of your gun, as they do not shut the gun safe door on the hinge side.
  • External hinges are better as internal hinges can only swing at the 900 angle, lesser fire lining (to place the hinges) and as internal hinges do not have an upgrade or even repair options, high-end firms like banks and jewellers do not use the latter. External hinges provide 1800 rotation, anytime repairing or upgrade, portability and efficiency as well. In fact, there is a high chance that inexperienced thieves might tamper the bolt first, only to realise after that the safe is still sealed.
  1. Does your safe have backups?

A backed up lock ensures extra security from prying as it is made with hard layered plates for superior protection. Often, gun safes have several layers of metal so that there is the limited deformation of the plates, if at all, in any prolonged tampering. With a thoroughly backed up iron lock for your gun safe, there is very little to fret about even the Master thieves of our age!

  1. Innovative intumescent Sealing for Door of your Gun Safe

Intumescent is defined as auto Heat Expansion feature of a gun safe when in worst fires. This features on the doors of the gun safe functions to multiply up to 9 times its original size when subjected to fiery hot fires. Owing to the expansion, the gun safe seals tight to keep the valuables inside uber-safe. Most gun safes are designed with these features and you must ensure that your gun safe has the same for a quality purchase.

You must realize that there are diverse variety of gun safes in the market with varied raw materials, which determines the different quality and efficacy in use. Always make sure you confirm all the necessary features that you require in a gun safe, before signing the bill!


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