6 Veteran Advice to Move your Gun Safe, Safely

An unprotected gun is not as innocent as it looks. Your family or child can stumble on it, which can even lead to the trespasser checking the function of the gun out of curiosity and injuring him or her in the process.  Apart from guaranteeing the safety of your family and you, a proud firearms owner always prioritizes the safety of the gun in addition.move

If you live in an area where the crime rates are soaring, you definitely need a gun to keep your life and that of your family, uber-safe.

Why should you take care when moving your gun safe? 

If you own a firearm, you must have a gun safe at your house too. The primary challenge in owning a gun safe is the trouble of shifting it. As gun safes are extremely heavy, it is a daunting task when moving them.  Regardless of whether your gun is small or big, a gun safe is mandatory to a firearms owner who also has a family. Your gun safe can range from a small to heavy vault perfect for your nightstand or one that is big enough to put all your valuables, to fix it in the basement. Ultimately, it is you who decide the perfect gun safe for you and your family.

How to Move Your Gun safe

On an average, a gun safe can weigh One to 600 pounds and even heavier when it is custom built.  This is why shifting a gun safe requires so much of strength, safety and most importantly, 1-3 handymen. The golden rule to keep in mind is never to move the gun safe on your own. You need certain gear and tools to make the shifting a harmless and easy endeavor. We have compiled the guidelines, equipment and etiquette to keep in mind to move a gun safe, effortlessly and efficiently.

5 Easy Ways to Move Your Gun Safe like a Pro

Even an empty gun safe can weigh  a minimum of up to 300 pounds. If you’re not sure about moving your gun safely, please ensure that you have help, before moving it.  The safest way to move a hefty gun safe is by using specific tools and tactics of moving gun safes.


From veteran experience, 5 Tips to acing how to move your gun safe are

  • Safety Measures to take when moving your Gun Safe

It goes without saying that safety is the penultimate thing that you should keep in mind when moving a gun safe.
Veteran experience asserts that a firm grip dolly is apt for moving your gun safe. Ideally, it should be medium or small-sized for medium weighing gun safes.

For bigger gun safes, you must make use of extra strength from , preferably from two or more handyman.

  • Risks when Moving your Gun Safe

Being a hefty shifting, moving a gun safe is extremely risky.

If you handle the gun safe improperly while shifting downstairs from upstairs, or even an inch around, there are chances that you can suffer severe injuries.

The most common injuries suffered to moving a gun safe is, if the gun safe falls, it can break your bones or tendons in the arms or legs. Furthermore, even if you manage to steady the hefty gun safe on your own, but do it improperly you might even pull your muscles.

  • Moving your Gun Safe is Not a One-man job

Always lead the dolly when moving your gun safe while simultaneously using a rope to secure the gun safe in case the case breaks.

The first thing to prepare yourself for when moving a gun safe is with the truth that, Gun Safe shifting is not possible with the strength and effort of one person, let alone a layman alone. Regardless of the size of your gun or the gun safe, you must always have one-two handymen around when moving your gun safe to hold the equipment and the gear in its safe place.


  • Weight of your Gun Safe

You should always pick the right tools for handling the gun safe with respect to the weight of your gun safe and your own strength. As most gun safes that are made with steel gauges weigh more than thousands of pounds, consider picking two to three extra people and a sufficiently sized dolly for a firm grip prior to shifting.

Always make sure to ease the wheels with every step of the dolly that carries your gun safe, when shifting it around as well as upstairs and downstairs.

  • Shifting your gun safe Upstairs and Downstairs

Always begin with one person leading and two persons around to holding the handle bars apart from two more persons at the back of the dolly.

Downstairs: The riskiest and shifting of the gun safe that needs expert handling is when you’re moving your hefty gun safe downstairs. Always use a dolly or extra people to move the gun safe as there is a chance that the case can drop and injure you gravely.

Upstairs: Easier when compared to moving the gun safe downstairs, shifting your gun safe upstairs requires proper paraphernalia and assistance too. You should lead the gun safe and two or more people should help you lift the dolly up in the front as well as the back, equivalently. All of you should move in unison while doing shifting the gun safe.


You must pick a gun safe that is comfortable for you to lift or move around. As much as spending a lump sum on an adequate gun safe is essential, you must also make sure that you have the befitting paraphernalia to move the safe.

Remember to use a dolly that is viable to move upstairs and downstairs part from shifting the gun safe around.

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