5 Untold Truths of Why Your Gun is Misfiring In Humidity

Heard about the phrase, ‘Gun in Danger’? Every gun owner knows the pain and hassle when the insides of their guns begin to rust. The cause is nothing but your own way of storing and stacking the firearms. When the humidity increases, say in summer with thunderous excessive rains, the excess moisture in the atmosphere can cause the innards of your gun to stick together.

Having no safe for your guns is your gun’s first certified step to danger. Humidity is unsafe for guns. Thus, it is also the highest, yet annoying priority for a responsible gun owner. Furthermore, this article will help you understand clearly how to keep your guns safe by preventing the moisture from entering it, let alone ruining it.

Why should a long-term gun user prefer Gun Safety?

  • To protect the family or children from accessing or misusing them
  • To keep the precious firearms safe!
  • Keep ‘em safe from those nasty burglaries, nevertheless it should be easily accessible to you at all times.

Causes of Moisture: Where Does It Start?

Moisture is omnipresent. It is always around you, regardless of your acknowledgement. Additionally, it is tough to avoid it in any cases. The centripetal force of moisture is humidity. Some places have high humidity, while some are scaly dry.

If you store your firearms in the basement and it is warm outside, but cold in your gun safe, then there is a higher chance that your guns are rotting already. Moisture can seep in through the walls of your building too. If you reside in a tropical climate, start by locating a place in the house that is at an apt temperature for your gun.

Tips To Avoid Moisture Problems In Your Gun Case


Moisture is an omnipotent cause of thunderstorms and rain. Moisture can find its way to your safest gun case if you commit only one mistake, however obsessed you are about it.  A responsible gun lover must go that extra mile to keep moisture out of your gun safe so you can be a long-term firearms user too.

  • Silica for Gun?

Occasionally, all of us have seen those tiny silica packs when throwing away the enormous packaging that comes when buying shoes or bulk meat. Cases made of foam absorb moisture, hence, one must always avoid gun packing with the moisture-laden foam especially during humid seasons.

Silica is renowned for its effective moisture absorbing qualities and has been upvoted by many critics as the secret tip to avoid moisture in your guns. It keeps the gun moisture-free to prevent it from eroding. If you use these silica gel packs in your gun case, look out offers as silica in bulk which is comparatively cheaper online.

For starters, you should place at least three silica packs to keep your gun safe. In addition, make sure that none of the silica packs touches your gun directly as this can corrode your gun and cause rust.

  • Dehumidifiers to Keep Your Gun Safe perpetually Warm!

Another effortless way to keep humidity out of a gun safe is by using electric dehumidifiers such as the ‘Golden Rod’. These puny looking 12” to 18” rods can keep the persistent surface temperature to around 1400 C. Even though the rods are inexpensive, they do a satisfactory job at lowering the humidity inside the gun safe and keeping guns from rusting. In order to install it, mount it to the walls or floors of the gun safe. Then, plug in the detachable cords (make sure to drill a hole the back of the safe, if necessary).

  • Choose an Optimum Sealant Case For Your Gun

Most long-term gun owners know the importance of buying a quality gun case. Always choose a type of case for your gun with a built-in sealant. Some run-of-the-mill products to get you started are Caulking and Silicone.

If you have noticed there is no sealing on your  gun safe, it is easy to install a sealant. Use the sealant of your choice and apply it over the jamb in the inside of the safe’s lock. This prevents the moisture from seeping in and keeps your gun box sealed from moisture at all times.

If you love your guns, you will know how painful an irreparably damaged gun is. Always make sure your guns are safe in whatsoever cases you store it. Conduct periodic inspections to ensure it remains dry. Look for moisture or cold areas in your gun safe. To keep the metal parts of your guns from moisture, wipe them regularly with oil to clean off any sediment and rust on them. This also helps in preventing misfires that can happen during this season.

It is not hard or expensive to keep your firearms at their best. If humidity is high in your area, look out for a dehumidifier to enhance your home atmosphere as well. In fact, the first step to protecting your guns is to eliminate your gun’s only silent mortal enemy- Moisture.

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