Best Gun Safe Reviews 2016 – Ultimate Buying Guide to Buy Gun Safes

Gun-safeA survey reveals that a gun is used only for 0.0002% of the time in one’s lifetime. But yes, despite its 0.0002% of the times, it provides a great sense of security to the user and may save one’s life. But we rarely use safety measures to store that gun and prevent it from the reach of dangerous hands. There are instances where the owner of the gun himself being exposed to danger and getting shot due to lack of security. The only way out is using a gun safe. You never know if the next turn is yours. So go, get a gun safe today. However, before that, please read on some gun safe reviews to know about its exact utility.

Top 5 Gun Safes on The Market

  1. BEST CHOICE – GunVault SV 500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe
  2. Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe 0.08 Cubic Feet
  3. Barska Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe
  4. Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe
  5. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Reviews about the top five Gun Safes

1.BEST CHOICE – GunVault SV 500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

Do you want to have a vault that is simple, short and saves a lot of space? If so, then ‘Gun vault SV500 Speed vault Handgun Safe’ is the right choice for you.  It adds additional security both at home and office. Needless to say, as the name itself says, it suits those circumstances where a gun should be used for speedy and timely actions. This certainly saves a lot of time.

It includes two backup keys, in case you lack accessibility. It has high strength lock mechanism and Interior design light. The feature of 18 gauge steel lightening, 9-volt battery is just an icing on the cake. It comes exclusively with 5 years of warranty.

On the downside, this product comes with less space and security when compared to others.

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2. Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe 0.08 Cubic Feet

Don’t trust your stars? Want some quick access in some unfortunate circumstances? Then there can’t be a better option that ‘Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe’. It provides a quick and a reliable access to your weapon when you need it the most. It contains compression gas that would enable the quiet, sound free, single-handed access.

It has a quite backlit electric lock and an over ride key for an easy backup assistant. A solid steel body helps in providing added protection. It has been designed in a way that it gives maximum durability. The most advanced, unique and reliable finger print programming is sure to surprise you.

However, the sound free system might prove to be disadvantage when thieves try to unlock. Apart from this minor disadvantage, the product scores full marks in all respects.

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3. Barska Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe

Gun safe reviews are incomplete without this brand. With a brand like BARSKA in your home, you can leave all your worries behind now. This reliable brand now presents a gun safe called ‘Barska Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe’. It uses the safest and most secure biometric technology that keeps your risks limited. With this technology, you can use any fingerprints up to 30 times thus having more chances to try.

In addition to fingerprints that are up to 30 unique prints, it can also be opened through the keys that have been (are) provided along with the box. It comes with pre-drilled holes in case you need to fit it anywhere. It comes with a period of one year of limited warranty. It is a deal to consider after all.

The only downside is the limited warranty of the product. However, the design of the product is sure to last longer than the warranty period. Therefore, it should not be a thing to worry.

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4. Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe

If you want a gun safe with high security and literally impossible design for thieves to open the vault, then ‘Gun vault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe’ is undoubtedly the best choice to make. It almost mounts itself anywhere and also provides a built in computer that blocks access after multiple wrong entries.

It includes a removable shelf and extra storage capacity. It has a unique feature of ‘no eye specialty’, which has been patented. It is said to provide quick access to valuables even in the dark. It has 16 gauge steel housing, which leaves the thieves with a difficult option to break. It comes with 5 years of exclusive warranty.

You need to be a little careful while handling this safe as you can lock yourself by mishandling it. This does not mean it is dangerous. However, like all machines, this too should be handled with care for better performance.

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5. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

If you want to have a security system, there cannot be a better brand than “Barska”; and if you want to have a rifle safe, there cannot be a better option than “Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Saf”’. From storing video cameras to rifles, this safe fulfills your needs. It can store identities up to 120 users and registers fingerprints in a few seconds. It uses the latest biometric technology for providing its users with a quick access. It comes with pre-drilled holes for easy fixture. To add to the specs, it is also backed with a limited warranty of one year.

The warranty of one year may be a little less and another thing to bother is the fact that it is a bit costly when compared to others. The cost is due to the premium material used to build this safe. It also ensures you that you will not need to claim any warranty within several years as this safe seldom fails.

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Types of gun safe

  1. Quick Access Gun safe: This gun safe is structured with the objective of providing a quick access in case of emergencies and in those circumstances where a gun is needed to be used in a hurry. Thus these kind of gun safe provides the user an easy and time saving option of accessing the gun without much mess.
  1. Small Gun Safe: If you want to carry your safe more frequently, purchasing a small gun safe would do the trick. A small gun safe is something which has a lock system (digital or fingerprint) and allows you to access your gun after you enter the secret code or scan your finger print depending upon the options.
  1. Hidden Gun Safe: These gun safes are in the form of clock, books, files, etc and are kept in such places as not to attract attention. This gun safe may be used to surprise the thieves and attack them. As they are found in uncommon areas, it gives a high level of security.
  1. Wall Gun Safe: A wall gun safe is a gun safe which is fixed to a wall for easy access. It may include different unlocking methods depending upon the product.
  1. Biometric Gun Safe: The most recent advancement in the history of gun safe is Biometric gun safe. It is nothing but using your finger print to open the lock. As reaching for hands are the most difficult thing to do, this lock can’t be opened by pyres unless they get access to your hands and fingers.

Why Should You Buy a Gun Safe?

While buying a gun itself might seem like a big decision, protecting it with due concern is also essential.  Though there are various reasons such as cost factor, and lack of storage space, buying the best gun safe is a decision that would be made in your life, which you will never repent. This section tries to dig deep into your minds and explain why buying a gun safe is considered as the wisest decision.

  1. Gun safety: If you want to have a gun that could last for years to come, you need to have a gun safe. Because it protects the features of a gun more effectively.
  2. Insurance Coverage: Did you know that you can pay a lesser premium for your insurance if you have gun safe? Yes, most insurance companies offer a deduction and thus you can save your money. Not to forget, after your gun collection reaches a particular level, your insurance companies may announce a gun safe as a requirement.
  3. Protection from fire accidents: Who knows when there might be a short circuit or a fire accident? It is always preferable to be on a safer side for our own advantages. Having a fire resistant gun safe will protect you from all the random probabilities that might be against you.
  4. Protection from burglars: How many times have you panicked at that thought of your gun getting into wrong hands? You can sleep peacefully now if you purchase a gun safe. Thus you thereby get protection from thieves.
  5. Laws: If you live in a country where using a best gun safe is compulsory or simply where keeping weapons away from reach of children is made a compulsion, you need to purchase a gun safe to meet the criteria.

Thus, buying a gun safe has its own advantages regardless of its expenses. It is highly recommended to use one if you are dealing with guns.


Where to shop for gun safe

Whenever you shop for security systems, see through it that you purchase it from some trusted and reputed vendors. There might be those shops which would give 90% discounts, but the quality might be worst or they might be selling some fake products. Always plan in advance as where to buy and collect necessary feedbacks.

Though retail trade is one of the methods where you can purchase a good quality gun safe, you can get it through online shopping too. There are plenty of websites which offer to sell you gun safe but there are only few reliable websites which provides you with quality and meets your expectation. We recommend purchasing from online portals as they have some good easy returns policy in case of any defects and they provide their customers true value for money.

How to choose the Best Gun safe

Step 1: Determine Your Goals: Your goals determine what you want to purchase and prevent over spending. Why exactly do you need a gun safe? Is it to prevent theft? Or is it to make your weapons inaccessible to children? If your answer is first choice, then you need a secure gun safe, and if it’s latter all you need is a metal box. So analyze well in advance.

Step 2:  Determine the type of gun safe and its location: Where you would like your gun safe to be? Refer the previous section to know about the types of gun safe and decide accordingly. Also see if you need a gun safe to carry it all around or just to make it tough for a thief? Or is it to protect against fire accidents? Just plan in advance and decide accordingly.

Step 3: Determine the locking mechanism: Do you want a tight security or just a mere lock? Do you want digital lock or finger print also called as biometric one? The locking mechanism plays a great role in deciding the security of the gun safe. Though a biometric safe can store up to 120 unique finger prints, a mere code unlocked would help in quick unlocking. Thus the locking mechanism and the sub locking mechanism must be decided well in advance.

Step 4: Determine the capacity of the gun safe you require: Do you require a small gun safe which you can easily carry all around? Or do you need an extra large huge vault? Do you have huge collections of guns or have just one? These factors influence the selection and capacity of a gun safe on a larger extent. General advice is to go with the maximum number of shelves and racks. That would help you in the future in case if you plan to purchase extra guns. It is also recommended to purchase a larger capacity gun safe than required.

Step 5: Decide about fixtures: Once you get a clear cut picture of the capacity of your best gun safe, go ahead and decide if you can fix it wherever you want. Different models of different capacities are available right there. If you select a wrong model of right capacity and can’t get it fixed in the place you want, it will be waste of time. Thus the selection of right size and appropriate models are a must. So go ahead and make the right choice about the fixtures.

Step 6:  Plan your budget ahead: Don’t feel afraid to go a little bit over budget if you can get the best deal. Investing in gun safe is one time investment after all. So make sure you invest in a good brand. Always plan ahead about the guns that you will be purchasing in the future and purchase a gun safe accordingly now.

Step 7: Decide about the dealers: Gun safe is available at most of the shops out there. Just go and take a look. Ask someone who knows about gun safe and make a decision. Make sure it is a reputed shop and the dealer is trustworthy. Make sure it is not fake. There are many online shopping websites too.

Step 8: Match your specification: Once you contact the dealer match the specifications you are willing to buy, i.e. from step 1 to step 7 and ask the dealer for such models. You can decide about the outer design and appearance later and make a choice.

Common Mistakes Made While Choosing A Gun Safe:

This section of gun safe reviews explain the most common mistakes committed while choosing a gun safe and serves as a precautionary measure for our readers as not to commit the same.

  1. Using a cheap Gun safe: We often feel like saving money and thus buy whatever is cheap. But beware, using this strategy would prove to be dangerous especially if you are buying a gun safe. Don’t see the cost. It’s worth to spend some money more if we can find a better alternative. It is worth the price. Believe it. Investing in a good gun safe is a onetime investment after all.
  1. Not checking for features such as fire resistance: People usually don’t go and check themselves for features such as fire resistance that might be very essential for gun safe. Plenty of fire proof gun safes are available in the market which can soon prove to be ineffective. Thus, effectiveness is the key here. Have knowledge about gun safe. Knowledge is power after all.
  1. Not investing sufficient time: Always think in advance and plan in detail before you purchase a gun safe. Or else there are high chances that your purchase would in turn prove to be not the one you are looking for. Inquire in detail about the specifications and get clarifications. It’s your money after all.
  1. Security and Relocking facility: Many people don’t go and look into about the facilities such as relocking. A weak lock can be easily unlocked through battery operated hand tools. Thus while choosing a gun safe, be sure you get clarity about the security feature.
  1. Insurance Coverage: People often make decision in a hurry and forget to check if your insurance company accepts it or not. Insurance companies accept only a few good to use gun safes. Make sure your gun safe finds a place in the list. As mentioned earlier, Insurance companies usually give you a deduction in the payment of premium if you own a good and reputed gun safe.
  1. Purchasing from wrong dealers: There are plenty of fake gun safe in the name of reputed brands. Always make sure you purchase your gun safe from a reputed dealer and from trusted sources only. Otherwise it would be a waste of time.

Normal people learn from their mistakes, while intelligent people learn even from the mistakes of others. So make sure you don’t make these common mistakes and choose your gun safe wisely. Get maximum benefit on the money you spend.

FAQ’S Frequently Asked Questions in the Gun Safe Reviews

  1. Q: Does Gun safe last long?

Answer: Yes, if you are using a standard gun safe, it can last for years. Make sure you purchase it from reputed brand and make sure the dealer is not fake. It is a onetime investment after all.

  1. Q: Are Gun safe fire resistant?

Answer: Most cheap found gun safes are not fire resistant. Some dealers claim to offer fire resistant gun safe at a cheaper price. But in reality anything found cheap isn’t good. Thus if you purchase it from reputed brands, that claim to be fire resistant, then they actually are. But it depends upon the material used and quality after all.

  1. Q: Is cheap gun safe recommended?

Answer: It depends on the purpose why you are purchasing a gun safe. If you want security against thefts and fire accidents they are definitely not recommended. But however If you just want to keep it away from your kid, then it is preferable.

  1. Q: Where can I find gun safe?

Answer: You can purchase it through local dealers. Gun safe are available in most of the shops however. Many online sites too deal with gun safe. But however we recommend purchasing on Amazon due to its easy returns policy and customer favorable approach.

A best gun safe is always preferable and recommended to be used however some countries have gone a step forward in this regard and have made this a rule so as to protect security to its citizens. On the other hand even insurance companies are encouraging people to invest in such safety measures by providing them deduction in premiums.

However, we must not fail to notice that, many of the thefts where gun safe are used are been reported. This is because the owners using them have kept the secret code written in a paper and thus robbers have easily found it. Thus if a person is so forgetful he is advised to write the code and keep it in a bank locker so as to know if in case if forgotten. It is a hefty process to go and ask the companies for the code itself as one may have to prove that they are the real owners of the gun safe.


On an ending note, Gun safe is a onetime investment and can serve as a great benefit. It provides a sense of safety and security. If Gun safe is used wisely, it can protect us from future danger and we can never predict when our turn to get robbed is. Thus, people must invest in this regard to protect themselves. The famous quote ‘Precaution Is Better than Cure’ applies even here. Hereby I invite all readers to go through some gun safe reviews before purchase gun safe for their houses and participate in a safe and secure society. When you purchase make sure you purchase it from a reputed brand. So what are you waiting for? Get one of the best safes now.

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